Ask Finn's Penis!
Anonymous whispered, "how do you feel now that rachel's vagina is so far away?.."

I am a sad penis.

Anonymous whispered, "is finn careful with you"

He beats the shit out of me.

Anonymous whispered, "whats your favorite rachel's outfit i mean what gets you more "excited""

Short skirts, low cut shirts.

Ya know.

Anonymous whispered, "how did you feel the first time finn and rachel had sex"

I was pretty excitable..the first time.

Anonymous whispered, "Is rachel warm?"

Uh well duh.

gone-go-on-deactivated20130630 whispered, "can i hug you"

…I don’t know uh…

Sure? Finn’s a free man

Anonymous whispered, "you are a dick"

Is this an insult

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Anonymous whispered, "go get rachel's vagina now and film"

How can I film it I have no hands to hold the camera.

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Anonymous whispered, "shorter? ah, santana was right."

Bigger actually.

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